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South of France, Sun and Sea...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

In Search of Olives

On a day trip around the South of France we decided to seek out the best location for olives. My friend on the trip is a serious foodie and finding the best French olives was high on her bucket list of a culinary win for our trip. We read about a small town that was supposed to have the best olives in all of Provence...I'll spare you the city name because its a bust and I don't want to even tempt you to go. Let's just say it was a good 3-4 hour drive from Aix-en-Provence where we stayed and while the drive was filled with lovely sights the promised olives did not materialize. We were met with a sad little display of bottled olives that underwhelmed us to say the least!

“One small charming town after the next..."

In Search of the Sea

On a better note, one of the most rewarding parts of our trip was driving along the French Riviera. The winding road with spectacular sea views was amazing. One small charming town after the next, but be careful, you must keep your eyes on the road and some towns are so small if you blink you could miss them! We spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around Nice and enjoyed a little time on the beach. I was surprised that the beaches are so rocky, not the smooth sand I am used to. But the setting of gorgeous Nice along the Meditteranean is unforgettable. We stopped where we could along the way and captured beautiful pictures of the coastline. You can find much of th inspiration for the South of France art collection in these pictures.

Which is your favorite piece?


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