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Munich, Music and Medicine...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

On a High Note

As a stop over on our way to another destination we decided to spend a few days in Munich. Its a city I've always wanted to visit. I've heard so many great things about Germany and its definitely a country I want to explore more. But, for now Munich was it for a few days and we would soak up all we could. Our first night was magical, beautiful weather, we had dinner outside in a charming square. We wandered around as the sun was setting and heard the most wonderful music coming from just a short distance away. A fantastic 3 piece string set playing gorgeous classical music and the reverberations off of the stone buildings made it sound like we were in the best theater in Europe, what a wonderful welcome to the city.

“...what a wonderful welcome to the city."

On a Low Note

Unfortunatley, the warmth and charm of the city didn't last for me. The next day was cooler, a bit rainy and a strong cold was blowing in, right into my lungs. To know I only had a few days to spend in Munich and that I might spend them in bed was not going to do. On this trip I learned the value of the European pharmacy! I love that anyone can walk into a pharmacy and get prescription strength medicine, without a prescription! Whatever they gave me- I really have no idea- worked miracles. I'm not ususally known for a quick recovery but whatever super drug they gave me had me back out exploring the next day. If you ever find yourself sick in Europe, drag, crawl, roll yourself to a pharmacy and put your faith in whatever they give you, no questions, just take it! You're welcome :)

In the short time I had to explore there were some amazing sites that inspired a few pieces for the Munich Art Collection. I hope some longer visits in the future let me expand this collection, but for now its a capsule collection!

Have you been to Munich? What is your favorite part of the city?


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