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On the Road to Provence...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Due South

Many people decide to take a train from Paris to the South of France but we wanted to see the French countryside and stop off anywhere that caught our eye. Much of the drive was highway and while pleasant not super scenic. We did however have an exciting run in with the French police who stopped us for speeding! My friend was driving and not paying much attention to the speed limit when we were surrounded by a group of motorcycles and whistled to follow them. We were led to a police station where my friend was taken inside. We had to pay the ticket on the spot and it took all the Euros we had between us to not remain in police custody. Has anyone else experienced this?

“ was a total fluke we wound up there but had the best afternoon.”

A River with a View

With the excitement of the police stop over we continued our journey south. We pulled off on a whim to the most charming town, L'Isle Sur La Sorgue. It was a total fluke we wound up there but had the best afternoon. It's filled with charming shops and restaurants right along the river. Our only disappointment is that the big antiques shops and warehouses were already closed for the day or not open that particular day, but we enjoyed a meal and still found plenty of shopping.

Have you been to L'Isle Sur La Sorgue?



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