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Brugge by Chance...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Brugge by Chance

Winding up in Brugge was a total fluke. Years before when we couldn't get a flight out of Paris we would up taking the train to Brussells. We had to spend the night for an early flight the next morning and only had one night to spend. I completely fell in love with the old charm of the Brussells city center and planned a return trip soon after. Wanting to spend a few more days in Belgium than just Brussells I did a bit of searching for a close city to Brussells that would be a good stop for a few days and decided on Brugge. Best decision! Everything I loved about the city center of Brussells is expanded into an entire city in Brugge. The classic rooflines and cobblestone streets are highlighted by the amazing canals that carve the city into delicious little bits to explore one by one.

“...amazing canals that carve the city into delicious little bits."

Brugge by Boat

The absolute best way to see Brugge is by boat. Called the Venice of the North, not only for its numerous canals but also because by boat is a way to see parts of the city you can't view by foot. Gorgous homes line both sides of the canals and you get sneek peaks into gardens and patios that are stunning. Much of the inspiration for the Belgium Art Collection come from these behind the scenes view of Brugge. I hope you fall in love with Brugge as much as I have.

If you have been to Brugge, what is your favorite part of the city?


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