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Winding Down...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Up & Down

Either on the way up or down from Montmarte Village in the 18th arrondisment you can visit the Sacre Coeur (the Sacred Heart of Paris), a beautiful basilica with a famous three point dome, perched above the city. Its the inspiration for my Sacre Coeur artwork from the Paris Artwork Collection. On the streets below the Sacre Coeur and Montmarte you can shop the fabric and trim market. There are loads of storefronts filled with bolt after bolt of fabric to purchase by the meter. A little hard for us used to measuring by the yard to figure, but the shop owners can usually help you do the conversion. I've brought home trims and toiles, balloon fabric and florals. Some I've used for my childrens bedrooms and others are still waiting to find their fun.

“...its the inspiration for my Sacre Coeur artwork...”

Round and Round

A wonderful surprise is found on these streets as well, a magical carousel, the Sacre-Coeur Carousel. There are many around the city but the beauty of this one is particularly striking. Two story, which I hadn't seen before, the colors and detail are fantastic. Filled with painted horses for riding and seashells for sitting its a great way to rest your legs and recharge if you have just come down from Montmartre or gear up for the 300 plus steps you are about to take! I hope you enjoy the Paris Carousel Series in the Paris Artwork Collection as much as I do!

Which is your favorite carousel in Paris?



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