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Versailles, The Queen's Hamlet...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The Queen's Hamlet

When you go to Versailles one thing I definitely recommend is visiting the Queen's Hamlet. A magical little world of provencial french life created for Marie Antoinette to escape the formality of French court. It is charming x 1000! I did the self guide tour but next time I am definitely going to pay for the guided tour to see some of the hamlet interiors. The entire hamlet surrounds a small lake with a footbridge to cross over one small stream.

“...each cottage has its own little exquisite garden.”

The amount of care given to each small cottage and plot of land is amazing. You can see from the photo above there are plantings every year and each cottage has its own little exquisite garden. Its a fun fact that it was actually a working farm when created, a point that Marie herself insisted on.

Have you been to the Queen's Hamlet at Versailles?



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