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Versailles, The Chateau...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Versailles the Dream

As I rode the train out of Paris towards Versailles I really didn't have any idea of what was awaiting me by the site out the window. I'd seen images of Versailles and could sort of imagine its magnitude, but to see it in person was unlike my best fantasies. It was breathtakingly beautiful on a sunny day and the imagination that one man had to dream up such and place and make it a reality was beyond impressive.

“ sort of opens its arms and welcomes you in.”

Versailles the Reality

The sheer size is what really grabbed me as I walked up to the Palace, it sort of opens its arms and welcomes you in. The Hall of Mirrors had all the grandeur I expected and Marie Antoinett's rooms were delicious in all their color and finery.

Its a treat one should not miss if you are traveling through France or visiting Paris. Rain or shine its incomparable in beauty and substance. I've found endless inspiration for the Versailles Art Collection and have started with a few pieces I hope you enjoy!

Have you been to Versailles?



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