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Paris, The Flower Markets...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Dreamy Flowers

One of my favorite things about Paris and throughout Europe really are the abundance of outdoor markets that still take place either daily or weekly. Its lovely to see that quality and freshness are paramount for Parisians in their food and flowers. You can find all manner of items at the markets, bread, cheese, fish and meats but my favorite area is the flower market. Gorgeous blooms are stacked up in every color and variety. Making a decision of which bouquet to choose is really the only obstacle.

“...which bouquet to choose is really the only obstacle.”

Art in Bloom

I didn't think much of the photography I took of the flower markets at first. It was fun to capture the beauty and abundance of the blooms, but I didn't realize the depth of inspiration they would provide for my artwork. The Paris Flower Market Series is one of my favorites. I find endless joy in the colors and remembering the elaborate displays that were created at some of the best markets around Paris. You can view the entire series here.

Which is your favorite market in Paris?



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