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Paris, Dreamy by Day...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Returning to Paris

Walking the streets of Paris is a riot of color, sounds and smells. There is really nothing quite like it that I have come across. Its why I have found myselft returning to Paris again and again. There is always a new street, shop or bakery to discover. Even streets I think I know well surprise me upon return and something new catches my eye.

“Paris is a riot of colors, sounds and smells!!”

Neighborhoods by Day

I've taken my favorite parts of Paris, the ones that evoke a strong memory to create the first Paris Art Collection. Created with a love for oil on canvas, I've taken each piece and brought out a richness of color and imagery while keeping the dreamy quality so that the eye is not quite grabbing hold of the site as a photograph would do. I love how this art leads you to edge of a place and lets your imagination fill in the details. I'd love to hear what is your favorite part of Paris? XoXo


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