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Montmartre ...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Painters & Paintings

In the 18th arrondisment you will find Montmartre, a fun area of Paris to discover and wander through. Montmartre sits high above the city behind the Sacre Coeur. The views are phenomenal on the way up and down, some of the best in the city. At the top you can explore the streets filled with galleries, cafes and souvenir shops. In the heart of Montmartre village is where you can still find painters with their easels set, painting and selling their artwork. In nice weather sit outside at one of the cafes that line the square and enjoy the people watching!

“The views are phenomonel on the way up and down!!”

Painting souvenirs

On an early trip to Paris in the Montmartre area is where I purchased two of the first paintings I ever owned. They were reasonably priced and probably common, but I still have them hanging my home. As all art should do, they evoke a special feeling for me and fond memories of being young in Paris, enjoying new sights and sounds and the dreaminess of the city for the first time. This area also inspired some of my favorite artwork in the Paris Artwork Collection! I'd love to hear about your first trip to Paris and what made it special? Xoxo


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