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Paris, Dreamy by Night...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

After Sundown

I probably am more of a Paris by day girl, but its hard to ignore the draw of Paris by night. The spectacular show of the Eiffel Tower is hard to beat and if you get a chance to go to the bar in the tower and have a glass of champagne while the city twinkles around you its quite unforgettable.

“'s hard to ignore the draw of Paris by night.”

City Lights

I mentioned before that climbing to Montmartre Village gives a wonderful view of the city by day, but there is a fantastic view after dark and one that shouldn't be missed. Also all around the city the carousels are lit up and streets are aglow in soft muted lamplight. Strolling along with your love is even more magical when Paris is bathed in moonlight.

What is your favorite area of Paris to view at night?



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